Design Thinking Guide for Schools


Pranay Desai has 11 years of design practice behind him.  He graduated from the prestigious MS University of Baroda and specialized in Visual Communication.  He started ‘IINFI Design Solutions’ in 2000 with his partner, Chintan.His core competency is in the area of graphic design.  He is responsible for the design backend and support for Design for Change.

Vishwa Srivastava is a teacher! Has a teaching experience of 5 years; and is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Education, after completing post graduation in English Literature. He is passionate about ideas that shape education relevant to the changing times and advances; developing pedagogy and practices that build a culture of mindful thinking, and creative learning for children and adolescents.

Kiran Bir Sethi is the founder of Design for Change. Her early training as a designer is clear in her work as an educator -- she looks beyond what exists, to ask, "could we do this a better way?" In 2001, she founded the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, designing the primary school's curriculum (and its building) from the ground up. She also runs an NGO, called AProCh -- which stands for "A Protagonist in every Child”, which works for making cities child friendly. Design for Change is a worldwide movement, which runs across 33 countries with 200,000 children. Kiran Bir Sethi is the head, heart and soul for this global movement. Her visionary leadership, enigmatic personality and a loving accepting heart is what makes her such a powerful force.

Ruchi Junakar is a graduate from Sophia College, Mumbai and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media with a major in Journalism. She joined Design for Change in February 2013 and is the main Coordinator for DFC’s annual Be The Change Conference, as well as the overall operations of DFC. Her persistent hard work and genial nature makes her a valuable teammate.

At Design for Change, Akanksha is trying to bridge the theory and practice of school improvement and learning through Design Thinking. She was a Gandhi Fellow and has worked with Bombay Municipal School Headmasters on designing more engaging learning environments in public schools. She dreams of designing a relevant and inclusive public education system. She has studied literature from Miranda House, Delhi University and has a Masters in Development Studies from TISS, Mumbai.