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The Design Thinking Guide for schools, developed by Design for Change, offers a simple 4 step framework of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share to help develop the 'design mindset' in children - The purpose of the guide is to equip children with the tools to be aware of the world around them, believe that they play a role in shaping that world, and take action toward a more desirable, sustainable future.

Why is it important?

The FIDS framework cultivates the I CAN mindset that allows children to believe they are not helpless, that change is possible and they can drive it. It develops the 21st century skills and creative confidence in people empowering them to use their creative agency to design innovative solutions.


INSPIRE: The Power of Imagination

Watch how imagination can have the power to change the world for the better!

Inspire: Teachers saying I CAN

Watch teachers talk about how children inspire them!

Teachers being Changemakers

A personal message from Rahul Bose to teachers thanking them for leading the Design for Change Movement.

Participating Schools

61 schools from all over India are piloting the Design Thinking Guide!

Design Thinking Guide Teacher Orientation Workshops

The Design for Change team's been having a great time travelling all over the country and meeting the teachers who will be piloting the Design Thinking Guide with their students!

The Good Project

The Design Thinking Guide pilot is supported by The Good Project.

Serving with Love

Students from Kaligi Ranganathan Higher Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu teach us a valuable lesson in respect.

Why Design for Change

A brief intro to the four steps of Feel, Imagine, Do and Share

DFC: A Global Movement

Children across the world leading the movement for making the world a better place

Welcome to the Design Thinking Guide Pilot Schools

A welcome note to all the pilot schools from the DFC Team

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